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Nancy Tran. Photos courtesy of Nancy Tran

Nancy Tran recently unveiled her debut “Transformation” Spring/Summer 2018 luxury collection of exquisite day and cocktail dresses, evening gowns, and separates. Inspired by the season’s themes of rebirth and radiance, the collection exudes the ephemeral beauty of metamorphosis, artfully depicted by scintillating butterflies and unfurling bouquets. Her first collection serves as a testament to her personal journey of following her dreams, of harnessing the full extent of her creativity and experience, and sharing this collection of sophisticated style with women everywhere.

FM: When did your collection officially launch?

NT: The Nancy Tran brand debuted with the Spring/Summer 2018 “Transformation” Collection during New York Fashion Week in September 2017.

FM: How did you get the idea/inspiration for your line?

NT: Developing the line was a personal journey of following my dreams, which became my inspiration. I realized it became as much about discovering myself, as it was a way of inspiring women on their personal journeys. I wanted the pieces to resonate in women’s lives and bring out their own beauty, strength, and limitless potential. I embedded butterfly and floral details to underscore “transformation”—nature’s reawakening when flowers bloom and a butterfly emerges out of a cocoon as representations of rebirth and freedom.

FM: What is your background/experience in fashion and/or design?

NT: My deep interest in design, photography, and the arts reaches back to my childhood in Saigon. I loved sketching and making garments that I learned to sew, drape, and make patterns for. Eventually I embarked on a more traditional career of working at premier law firms and investment banks. But that joyful creativity never left me, so I enrolled in the fashion design associate program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Immersing myself in the fundamentals of design allowed me to find that part of myself that needed to be expressed. My business and legal experience proved valuable in putting the business infrastructure in place.  Then, I spent over a year laying down the foundation of the brand from creating the concept and design to producing prototypes.

FM: What are the different styles that appear in your collection?

NT: At the moment we offer dresses for day and evening a few separate pieces, cocktail dresses, and full-length ball gowns for red carpet events. We have knee length dresses equally suitable for women in creative careers as they are for going out after work.

FM: What are your main fashion/style inspirations?

NT: I am drawn to and take my design inspirations from the beauty of nature. But that is merely the starting point. I also delve into art, architecture, and other creative expressions before ultimately shaping my designs within the cultural and social zeitgeist.

FM: What differentiates your line from others on the market?

NT: I utilize my own cultural heritage to bring a fresh perspective to women’s wardrobes. Having been born and raised in Saigon allows me to translate nature’s beauty with rich elegance; while having lived, studied, and worked in cosmopolitan cities including Washington D.C., Boston, and New York gives a practical and modern perspective in crafting the line. I also source special fabrications, render my designs in silk paintings in Saigon before being digitally printed in New York, and use artisanal ways of hand and machine embroidery in producing a truly special line.

FM: How would you describe your typical customer?

NT: My customers are empowered women and those seeking out their own empowerment.  They possess the confidence to command attention, or just the audacity to celebrate being beautiful. They are fashionably bold, independent, and strong-minded, with impeccable tastes, and deserve the finest luxury.   When a woman wears Nancy Tran, I want her to feel sensational and unleash her own potential.

FM: Retail price range?

NT: Retail prices rang from about $500 to $5,000.

FM: Where can people buy any of your pieces?

NT: The Spring/Summer 2018 Collection and new arrivals, which are additional styles subsequently added after the launch of the collection, are featured and sold on my website.

FM: What are your goals for the collection in the next year?

NT: Our goals are to expand the Spring/Summer 2018 collection to be sold in boutique stores, major retail stores, and at special events. And gradually I am looking to strategically expand the brand to include a secondary line for Spring/Summer 2019.

For more information or to buy any of Nancy’s beautiful designs, visit www.nancytranstudio.com or contact sales@nancytranstudio.com.

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