ThunderLily Teaches Skills to Influence Future of Fashion

Is fashion design modern? That is the question that prompted fashion-tech startup ThunderLily to create real change in the fashion industry. By infusing traditional fashion design lessons with cutting edge technology, coding and engineering they are empowering girls and equipping them to be the next generation of leaders and influencers in the fashion industry.

ThunderLily is organizing FashionTech.Design immersion camps in New York, NY from June through August 2019.

“It is time for girls to take ownership of fashion design by infusing it with technology and engineering. Only 13% of engineers are women and less than half of major fashion businesses are run by women, we are showing girls how they can up-end this imbalance,” says Clare Tattersall, founder of ThunderLily and the FashionTech.Design program.

With four weeks of programming at three different locations in New York City and Massachusetts this summer, ThunderLily is on a mission to change the future of fashion design and create new leaders in the industry. “Our daughter has taken Fashion Tech Design as an after school class and could not stop talking about the exciting projects she was involved in. The combination of technology, mathematics and fashion design is unique. The projects executed introduce math, physics and technology in a fun and engaging atmosphere and nurture both the nerd and the rock star qualities in any student,” says Dr S., a cardiologist.

“As we all know, girls are getting engaged with technology and engineering at age 11 and dropping out at 13, so we have four critical years to ignite a passion for these disciplines. FashionTech.Design is not just about design and it is not just about sewing LEDs on clothes – Math is central to fashion design and we make it fun and engaging” says founder Clare Tattersall.

As girls learn how to be fashion designers they look at ways that they can improve our world. They use chemistry and color theory to create fabric paints, or use recycled materials to explore sustainability and they use electronics to make their clothes work. Many girls are hungry for technology that relates to their creativity and provides a way for them to influence their world and change it for the better.

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