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Techwear Finds in Time for Summer

Photo courtesy of MOON Oral Beauty

Beauty, wellness and convenience on-the-go are essential life categories all year round, but there’s something special about treating yourself during the summer. With warmer weather, brighter days and endless fun-in-the-sun activities to fill your weekends, summer is the perfect time to browse the best products in tech-centered lifestyle shopping.

Advanced Hair-Styling Curling Iron by The Beachwaver Co.

Create glamorous, bombshell waves with just a touch of a button using the Beachwaver Pro 1 Dual Voltage Rotating Curling Iron. This patented, professional hair tool is an innovative, rotating curling iron invented by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa. It rotates in both directions to achieve perfect beach waves. The one-inch Beachwaver Pro 1 barrel features a protective ceramic rod, a beveled patented design, a customized clamp to reduce kinks and a “go” button to automatically rotate the curling iron from left to right depending on the side you’re curling. Other device highlights include customized, full-length internal heaters, a 360-degree swivel cord and a nine-foot heavy-duty cord, an LED digital temperature screen and an ergonomic handle.

Silk’n’s Titan AllWays Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Tightening Device
This anti-aging tool reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet, restores collagen and elastin fiber and lifts the facial contours without surgery—all while building volume, tightening skin and improving skin structure and elasticity. The result is younger-looking, glowing skin. Thanks to its wireless operation, you can use the Titan AllWays whenever and wherever you want to blur superficial sun and age spots. Silk’n utilizes Home Tightening technology, which combines three energy sources for more efficiency: bipolar radiofrequency energy, LED light energy and infrared heat energy. This combination ensures that the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin contract and are reconstructed, so it can repair itself from the inside out. In a blind, independent review, before and one month after 20 fortnightly sessions, the results reportedly showed that 96 percent of participants had visibly fewer wrinkles with no adverse side effects.

Manta Sleep Mask SOUND
The Manta Sleep Mask SOUND gives you complete control over the two senses that have the biggest impact on your sleep: sight and sound. Designed for side-sleep comfort, the razor-thin Bluetooth headphones are nestled within a ventilated strap, while the C-shaped eye cups ensure zero eye or ear pressure and a perfect blackout seal without the bulk. The result? Unmatched comfort as you or your loved one listen to the most soothing sounds. Manta Sleep’s mission is empowering light sleepers to catch better Zs so they can do more—creating what the company’s dubbed “the most comfortable Bluetooth sleep mask in existence.” This product is optimized for an uninterrupted and immersive audio experience that promotes deep sleep with 20-plus hour battery life—perfect for music, meditation or any sound you find relaxing. 

The xSuit 4.0
Who says keeping it classy has to mean discomfort for men? The xSuit 4.0 is the newest version of the brand’s highly popular xSuit—the suit known for extreme comfort, stretch and convenience. This recently released iteration is the most comfortable and stylish version yet, taking into account years of research and customer feedback. Among expanded stretch and other upgrades, the updates feature additional sizes and colors, including brand-new light blue and light gray versions. Utilizing advanced R&D and technology, the xSuit 4.0 is wrinkle-, stain- and odor-resistant—optimizing the convenience for wearers. It’s also fully machine washable, which eliminates the need for frequent dry cleaning and ironing. Due to its topquality construction, the garment is highly durable and lasts five times longer than average. Even more, the men’s clothing brand’s versatile designs enable easy mixing and matching to give you a wide range of choices in outfits and styles. xSuit works with some of the world’s top manufacturing experts in fashion technology in order to make the most comfortable clothing that keeps customers looking their best all day long.

The ULTI Messenger Bag by CONMIGO

No matter if you’re traveling around the block or around the world for business or pleasure, travel should always be a fabulous experience—never a hassle. The main culprit for travel angst? Having the wrong gear. One great resolution is the ULTI Messenger Bag by CONMIGO, which provides the luxury of being comfortable, the joy of being organized and the peace of mind of being safe—all in one bag. Plus, this functional travel and laptop bag features an abundance of secured pockets and compartments to help keep you organized and on point wherever you may be journeying to. Other ULTI bag highlights include a TSA-compliant, detachable portfolio for electronics, seat cushion and enhanced safety features. CONMIGO designers also crafted the gear with water-resistant, ballistic nylon and ensured its ability to comfortably fit under the seat when traveling in an aircraft.

LED Teeth Whitening Kit from MOON Oral Beauty
Elevate your oral care routine with MOON Oral Beauty’s LED Teeth Whitening Kit. Equipped with the brand’s best-sellers, this set includes its LED Teeth Whitening Device, Kendall Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen and Dissolving Whitening Strips to help keep customers’ smiles healthy and bright. In fact, the LED device is reported to rapidly whiten teeth up to 12 shades in just two weeks or less, with just five minutes per use. Its lightweight, wireless design pairs with the Dissolving Whitening Strips to remove tough stains on the teeth’s surface for a no-mess application, with no rinsing required. The device already comes with a two-week supply of Whitening Strips, a travel-friendly case and a charging base. MOON’s Dissolving Strips are unique, as they whiten teeth up to seven shades lighter and dissolve completely in your mouth within 15 minutes.