Trading Places

A large garage door that opens out to a fully-furnished patio allows employees to enjoy the sunny California weather year-round

By Matthew Rosenberg

M-Rad Inc., known for such recent projects such as AutoCamp Yosemite and Fitler Club in Philadelphia, has recently relocated their LA-studio to a high-visibility location. Now neighbors with a host of large tech and entertainment companies such as Amazon and HBO, the location sits at an intersection connecting much of sprawling Los Angeles. In addition to the new office space, M-Rad has launched a revamped website that boasts a streamlined, user-friendly interface. Mann Report speaks with Matthew Rosenberg, Founder and Design Director of M-Rad Inc. about why this new real estate prominence is indicative of an exciting period of growth, and how his studio is paving the way for a new era of architecture and design rules.

Tell us a bit about M-Rad Inc. and the recent Los Angeles office relocation.
We’re an international architecture, design and development studio with the fundamental goal of reforming the architecture industry. Using a progressive business model that includes architecture, design and development, to marketing, product manufacturing and branding, we take a multi-faceted approach that ensures a cohesive brand identity and consistent design narrative for all projects we take on. By expanding our design scope to incorporate multi-faceted services, M-Rad can create enhanced and more interconnected experiences that allow communities and cities to thrive.

We believe that the architect’s duty isn’t limited to the project simply being designed or built, but rather extends to seeing through an entire project to ensure a building’s intent and functionality is fully expressed. We’re experiencing a period of exciting growth, and needed a space that supported this. So, naturally, we redesigned it ourselves to ensure every box was ticked (both aesthetically and functionally). We create bespoke solutions to universal problems, and this studio relocation is a great example of this.

Why was it important to occupy a space in Culver City?
From its exterior, the office makes a bold statement against the bright Californian backdrop. Painted in black with an eight-foot, steel M-Rad sign positioned in front of the building, the studio is now strategically located right by Culver City, California. We’re now neighbors with a host of large tech and entertainment companies such as Amazon and HBO — it’s an exciting geographical area to occupy. We are also at an intersection that connects much of sprawling LA and visibility has always been important to us. We want to be accessible to the street and the community. They are invited in and we welcome dialogue with as many people as possible that live around our studio.

In the era of communal WeWork spaces, how do you maximize productivity (and thus, ROI)?
Our main goal was to create a flexible environment that would serve as a home base for the studio’s schedule of industry events and panel discussions. We often curate and invite other industry leaders in, which ultimately spread our name and allow us to tap other industries and learn new ways to grow and run our own business. The dual-functioning office effortlessly transforms from a workspace to an event space through easily assembled and disassembled sit-to-stand desks. Breakout spaces provide a transitional atmosphere, satisfying both day-to-day needs, as well as those of events. Solo and group work is supported through various collaboration zones and call rooms. We wanted to create a bright, flexible and inspiring studio that supports the transitional nature of LA’s work/ life balance.

What role does technology play?
M-Rad Inc. invests in the edification of its staff when it comes to VR and AR technology. We pride ourselves on incorporating innovative processes for all products and projects. A technologically equipped virtual reality (VR) and artificial reality (AR) lounge area was specifically included in the office redesign in response to the growing demand for this type of project visualization by both architects and clients. Our materials lab is also unique, allowing for new research in product and building material development.

What about M-Rad’s design sets it apart?
Track lighting was strategically installed across the workspace to create a gallery-like space ideal for exhibits that are hosted in the studio. To inspire a space of design innovation and creativity, artwork is displayed across the studio. For example, we installed a central chandelier featuring an arrangement of Edison bulbs.

It’s a personal project- you’re designing the space that both yourself and your employees will spend quite a bit of time occupying. What elements did you integrate into the design to impact employee comfort and happiness?
In addition to cleverly placed lighting fixtures, natural light permeates through skylights along with a large garage door that opens out to a fully-furnished patio. Employees are able to take advantage of the famously sunny California weather year-round. A picnic table and additional patio furniture invite staff to work, enjoy meals, or have impromptu outdoor meetings. We built a mezzanine that is fitted with our custom furniture. It acts as both a breakout space and a place to nap on those long nights!

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