Lynd to Disinfect, Protect Apartments with BioprotectUs System

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in anticipation of a severe flu season, apartment protection management company Lynd selected the BioprotectUs System by ViaClean Technologies to disinfect its 20,000 residential units and their associate common areas, as well as to provide long-term antimicrobial protection from  bacteria, molds and viruses.

“With coronavirus, it’s like we all just encountered Jaws and now we need reassurance it’s safe to go back in the water,” said A. David Lynd, CEO of San Antonio, Texas-based Lynd, which specializes in third-party management of multifamily real estate assets. “The apartment industry needs to find a solution that disinfects our assets and safeguards our residents so they have confidence and peace-of-mind that their living environments are healthy and free from harmful germs.”

The system contains a water-based antimicrobial treatment that, when applied to surfaces and spaces, creates a durable protective shield that provides long-term antimicrobial protection inhibiting and preventing the growth and spread of problematic algae, bacteria, fungi, mold and viruses, the company said. Extensive GLP laboratory testing required by the EPA has established and verified that the system eliminates, as well as provides long-term eradication and suppression of, harmful germs and microorganisms, according to Lynd.

Lynd manages more than 20,000 residential units and 60 residential properties located in 11 states and 17 metropolitan areas.