Insurance Platform Young Alfred Teams with California Realtors

Young Alfred, the home insurance shopping platform, has partnered with the California Association of Realtors (CAR) and is now available through Realtor Secure Transaction. Young Alfred can shop and compare quotes from more than 40 carriers to find the best insurance coverage that meets CAR members’ clients’ specific needs and budget. Young Alfred provides comprehensive bindable quotes for clients to purchase coverage the same day to ensure home buyers close on time. Young Alfred also ensures that CAR members are front and center when it is time for their clients to renew their home insurance each year.

“We specialize in finding clients the best-priced insurance to meet their needs and budget. Our goal at Young Alfred is to help clients remain stress-free and close on time by doing the home insurance shopping for them,” said David Stasie, co-founder and co-CEO at Young Alfred. “We turn a five-hour process into an easy 15-minute application.”

“Moving and finding homeowners insurance can be stressful and time consuming. We want to provide an insurance solution that helps save C.A.R. members’ clients’ time and money,” said Jared Martin, chair of REBS LLC, a CAR subsidiary. CAR members simply activate a Young Alfred account to invite their clients to shop and compare insurance for their new home.