Eight in 10 Millennials Feel Safer Returning to Offices with Real-Time IAQ Transparency

Source: Carbon Lighthouse

Millennials’ return to the workplace and to travel is literally all up in the air —air quality — according to a new report from Carbon Lighthouse, a cleantech leader focused on impact and revenue-generating decarbonization solutions for commercial real estate. A survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers revealed that millennials’ concerns about indoor air, in particular, positions indoor air quality (IAQ) to be a catalyst that will drive employee engagement, leasing activity and hotel bookings for the foreseeable future. An overwhelming majority of millennials say they will feel safer returning to the office (82%) and hotels (78%) with access to real-time, transparent information on IAQ.

In fact, real-time IAQ information would make 68% of millennials feel safest even when compared to annual certifications (27%) and one-time health and wellness audits (5%).

Conducted in May 2021, the survey found that marketing back good, healthy and stable indoor air quality is critical to any strategy to invite the masses back indoors. Whether returning full-time or through a hybrid work model, 75% of millennials said they would consider the indoor air quality at work. Nearly nine in 10 (88%) of millennials said they would use a mobile app that provides real-time IAQ information. This puts the onus on office owners and operators to assure tenants and their employees that they can safely return to the office.

Today’s millennial travelers are also aware of the role air quality plays in virus spread. Thus, 66% were concerned specifically about the IAQ in hotels. IAQ will also factor in millennials’ booking decisions, with 73% saying they would consider IAQ when booking a stay.

“It will be millennials’ willingness to step inside public buildings that form the bedrock of our economic growth beyond 2021. Yet, tried and true strategies for retaining employees, tenants, and guests will not be sufficient in today’s economy,” said Raphael Rosen, CEO of Carbon Lighthouse. “After a year of education on the spread of airborne viruses, anxious millennials are looking more critically than ever before at the air they breathe. Those employers, offices, and hotels that offer IAQ transparency actively prove their continued commitment to health and safety and will earn the trust needed to compete in today’s market.”