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Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg, Co-Founders, SiteCompli. Photo Credit: Jill Lotenberg Photography

How Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg Took SiteCompli from Early Disruptor to Industry Best Practice—and Look to do it Again with Next-gen Automation

When Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg quit their jobs and set out on their own, they were looking to start the kind of company they’d enjoy working for. They didn’t know they’d also be kicking off a movement for tech in property management.

Back in 2008, using software to manage New York City’s myriad of compliance regulations was unheard of. Inspections went missed, violations went unanswered, and important notes and documents were kept at the bottom of filing cabinets or on Post-its, never to be found when needed. But despite the obvious flaws of a paper-based management system, introducing tech to the world of back-office management would require a massive leap of faith from building owners and managers—and a truly novel idea.

Enter SiteCompli, Jason and Ross’ brainchild. SiteCompli’s technology revolutionized compliance management by automating data collection and making it easy for property owners and managers to track their performance. The ability to get building-specific information faster and more directly changed how teams responded to regulatory compliance. Instead of accepting fines as a cost of doing business, management organizations were able to proactively track complaints, inspection statuses, and more, taking action based on SiteCompli alerts for changes across their portfolio.

They didn’t stop there. While surfacing hard-to-find data was huge in itself, Jason and Ross knew they wanted to go further and help teams actually manage their compliance. What do you need to resolve a complex issue? How do you prevent these types of violations in the future? Innovations like integrated compliance resolution services and live chat for compliance support answered these questions and more, and helped pave the way for teams to think about the future of compliance management.

Ten years later, SiteCompli is poised to change the world of compliance tech once again. Accessing better and faster data was just the beginning; having immediate context to understand the data, automatically respond, and evaluate company performance is the next evolution of compliance technology.

“It’s not just the raw data that’s so important—it’s the insights and analysis we surface to help make information actionable,” said Jason. Ross added, “Identifying operational challenges alongside areas of growth and risk are key to improving your business.”

Having the tools to resolve issues manually is one thing. SiteCompli’s goal is to automate compliance resolution, ensuring every member of each management team knows exactly how to handle complex regulations. “Imagine automatically getting a step-by-step guide when it’s time to perform elevator inspections. Or having a library of compliance best practices that your staff can use on-demand,” said Ross. “It ensures your team is following the best standard operating procedures, no matter who’s handling a specific issue.”

This automated next-gen solution is built on SiteCompli’s three guiding principles: providing superior data and analytics, building innovation that drives the industry forward, and giving unparalleled compliance expertise and dedication to their clients’ success.

When it comes to data, specific compliance information has different value depending on your role at an organization. “If you’re on the ground, you want to make sure you have a clear list of compliance items to tackle based on priority,” Ross said. “At the same time, if you’re an executive, you’ll need to see trends over time so you can determine what areas need improvement. It’s important to our users that both views—detailed, actionable, and high-level analytical—are easily accessible in our system.”

Innovations like executive-specific dashboards and automated next steps are made possible through what SiteCompli calls the network effect: collective feedback from their body of clients, representing over 1.6 billion square feet of real estate. SiteCompli’s product team collaborates with users through a series of in-person events, product testing sessions, and even a Customer Advisory Board. Being a part of this network lets clients large and small (and everything in between) reap the benefits of new developments and enhancements.

Organizations within the network are in good company: SiteCompli’s platform monitors over 1.6 billion square feet of New York City properties, including the portfolios of RXR, Brookfield, SL Green, First Service Residential, and more, not to mention some of the city’s largest and most well-known institutions, schools, and hospitals.

“Continuous collaboration” with these companies led to a series of innovations tailored to looking beyond a team’s current slate of buildings and into the future. For example, SiteCompli users can access information about buildings in New York City outside of their current portfolio, a huge advantage when performing due diligence on possible acquisitions or new management business.

“Our Due Diligence feature is one of the biggest examples of how we want to help our clients grow and build for the future, not just help manage what they have today,” said Jason.

Data and innovation aside, one of the most important parts of SiteCompli’s roadmap to success is the third and last principle: compliance expertise. SiteCompli sees themselves as an extension of each user’s team; a resource for compliance questions, best practices, and updates. Every staff member is trained on compliance regulations from the ground up, building the foundation for SiteCompli’s catalogue of industry resources (ongoing trainings and webinars, the SiteCompli Blog, and in-app Live Chat, just to name a few).

SiteCompli’s biggest educational event is its annual RealFocus conference. Now in its third year, RealFocus brings the biggest names in real estate management together with agency representatives from the FDNY, Department of Buildings, and more. With sessions focusing on new regulations, managing your team’s operations, and building a proactive compliance plan, there’s no better place to get industry information than at RealFocus. This year’s event will be held on October 10th at the Conrad New York. Per Ross, “We’re thrilled to be able to connect our users directly with city agencies, making sure they get in-person answers to help prepare for the newest rules and stay compliant. And have some fun while they’re at it,” said Goldenberg.

And even though managing compliance has improved significantly since 2008, there’s still a ways to go. Jason says, “We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to handling compliance automatically. Being proactive about your portfolio without even having to think about it—that’s the future of real estate compliance in New York.”

For more information on RealFocus, please visit realfocus.sitecompli.com.

Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg
53 W 23rd Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10010

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