Meero Announces Partnership with Matterport

The worldwide leader in photography, Meero, has announced a partnership with the leading immersive media company, Matterport. The collaboration will make Matterport’s 3D virtual tours and VR cloud-hosted technology accessible to Meero’s 30,000 customers across 100 countries.

Meero, which recently raised $45 million in its second funding round, combines AI technology, process and visual content management on its platform. The company automates video and photos in a short amount of time, allowing anyone who wants professional photographs to access their images within 24 hours.

It will now also provide Matterport technology as a service, allowing access to 3D virtual tours and VR tours, floorplans, 2D high-res images and dollhouse view capabilities.

Matterport has built the world’s most advanced platform for quickly and easily creating, understanding and distributing 3D models of real-world spaces. The company also has the world’s largest library of 3D virtual tours, consisting of over 1 million 3D models of real-world spaces. The volume of data Matterport aggregates is fueling its use of deep learning to create the next generation of AI-based computer vision technologies for the digital reconstruction and detailed understanding of spaces. 

James Morris-Manuel, EMEA VP at Matterport, said: “We have seen Matterport go from strength to strength across the globe, with the technology now available in over 100 countries. Our partnership with Meero will expand our reach further, offering our services to all of their customers. This collaboration is an indicator of the demand for 3D and VR captures of real-world spaces, as companies from real estate through to travel and events embrace more immersive experiences.”

Nicola Sterchele, VP Marketing at Meero, said: “We are very happy to enrich our offer with Matterport’s products: this partnership is in line with our ongoing global expansion effort. It will develop Meero’s ever-growing offer and will enable us to address extensively our clients’ needs in 2D and 3D services worldwide.”

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