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Ask the Expert: Michael Bordes

Michael Bordes, President, AA Jedson Company, LLC

What advice would you give to those looking to enter the construction field?

Choose a field you truly desire. Make it your passion, and going to work will feel like a vacation! In my opinion, the best fields are engineering, energy conservation, alternative energy and technology.


What’s the hardest lesson you had to learn in your career?

The hardest lesson I had to learn would be following up—it’s so critical for every aspect of our business. The best way to catch anything missed or overlooked falls under following up. Every category of this business starts and ends here, and the sooner you learn this, the sooner it will pay off in experience, dividends and saved time.


AA Jedson has developed a reputation for superior service and excellence. How has it done so, and how can other construction companies establish a similar reputation?

Our ethics and work code make us stand out more than anything. We set a high bar and standards for ourselves; as far as planning, budgeting and scheduling goes, we stand out. We have found that the most important part of what we do is honesty. We have built a culture around ourselves as honest, hardworking and ethically correct, but we also are good listeners and value our clients.


What are the biggest trends in residential construction for 2019?

Some of the biggest trends right now are green trends: sustainability, modular, prefab and building information modeling. These new energy and conservation methods will help shape the future to help our earth last longer and minimize construction costs.


Overall, how has this industry changed over the years? How have you and AA Jedson evolved along with it?

As far back as I can remember, the pen and the pad were the only way to do office business. Today we have such advanced technology that with the press of a few buttons you can provide spreadsheets, budgets and schedule details in minutes.


As far as changes, we have adapted and educated ourselves to be ahead of the curve. We try our hardest to follow all the up-and-coming trends and what the industry is offering at any moment. It’s in our best interest, and our clients’, to know these trends so we can be more helpful and successful with our projects.


How do you predict the construction industry will change and evolve in the near future?

Due to the workforce shortage, aging workforce and attrition, we are losing our capable mechanics. We need to start using more education and trade schools, and teach ground-up knowledge to employees to help them grow. If we don’t, we will be looking at a virtual world of factories run by computers and robots. Indeed, many of those hands-on factory type projects will be lost to robots.


Michael A. Bordes, president of AA Jedson Company LLC, has decades of experience in construction management. Bordes’ expertise, combined with exceptional directorial and organizational skills, has presented him with bigger and broader opportunities and more and more satisfied clients.

Spearheaded by Bordes, AA Jedson Company, LLC, is driven by a team of experienced construction managers, skilled craftsman, field and support staff who recognize the importance of commitment, responsibility, attentiveness and partnership. Its reputation has been proudly earned due to its emphasis placed on delivering superior service within an aggressive time frame and budget. Its highly principled business model has been the fundamental building block in maintaining long-lasting relationships.


Michael Bordes

AA Jedson Company, LLC


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