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GetMyBoat: Boat Rentals as Easy as One, Two, Click!

Photo courtesy of GetMyBoat

What is GetMyBoat?

GetMyBoat is the world’s largest marketplace for boat rentals and all types of bookable water experiences. Whether it is a catamaran in California or a kayak in Croatia, the company has over 150,000 water experiences in 184 countries that can all be booked on the go right from your phone!

The Story Begins

GetMyBoat began when serial entrepreneurs and co-founders Sascha Mornell and Rafael Collado were out on the water. They noticed all the boats sitting unused in dock slips at marinas. They asked themselves, “How can more people gain access to great boating experiences for less?” A few years later and with the emergence of the sharing economy, Mornell and Collado brought GetMyBoat to life.

Founded initially as a boat rental marketplace, GetMyBoat has grown to offer every type of on-the-water experience, from whale watching tours and eco-kayaking trips to houseboat rentals and private sailing lessons. Their goal is to help people of every age, background and budget to experience everything the water has to offer in a fun, safe way.

Before GetMyBoat, the boat charter industry was an extremely fragmented market that was inaccessible to most of the public. In many cases, the only access to boats was via a travel agent, two levels removed from the boat owner. Additionally, the boating industry as a whole has been steadily declining, failing to bring in a new generation of boaters. This failure is unfortunate, because boating is a great way to have memorable experiences, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find, book and enjoy. 

The founders of GetMyBoat created a platform to connect people who are looking to get out on the water with charter boat businesses that need customers. It’s kind of like Expedia for all types of water experiences, the company said.

The company’s goal is to enrich lives with meaningful experiences and joy. The company mascot, Joy the Dolphin, is meant to embody the playfulness and fun that being near and on the water offers. Joy also represents the company’s focus on being a champion to protect and defend the marine environment.


With boats and experiences in over 9,300 cities around the world, there are some spots that are dependent on the time of year and some that are hot year-round. In the U.S., cities include Miami, San Diego, Austin, Chicago and Seattle. 

Some global hotspots include Mexico, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy and areas throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

How to Use GetMyBoat

Using GetMyBoat is simple. From a renter’s side, you can download the app or go to the website, search the area you are looking to visit, sort boats and experiences by type, price and guest count. Once you find a boat or experience you would like to book, you can select the dates and pay for the rental or send the owner an inquiry to answer any outstanding questions you might have.

From the owner’s side, you can easily list your boat to rent out to others. Create an account and set your availability, prices, requirements, photos, videos and promote your experience. Once a guest books the boat, you have the opportunity to vet the guest, approve or create a custom quote for each guest, all while facilitating the payment for the booking. GetMyBoat gives owners the tools they need to run their business and turn their boat into a profit.