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Summertime Fine: FuzzClinic Launches Nationwide

SOURCE FuzzClinic / PeachFuzz Laser Studio

Over the past two years of owning and operating PeachFuzz Laser Studio in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY, Keisha Wagner-Gaymon, Founder/CEO of this successful laser studio wanted to offer her clients more after receiving their services.

“PeachFuzz Laser Studio started as a laser hair removal studio catering to women of color in June 2020. We were immediately a hit and were amazed at our popularity despite the pandemic. Self-care became a priority. Our clients became our case study and we realized that their skin care needs regarding hair removal were not being met. There needed to be hair removal products dedicated to ethnic bodies and facial hair,” explains Keisha Wagner-Gaymon, Founder/CEO of PeachFuzz Laser Clinic and FuzzClinic skin care.

“I am very excited to launch this growing collection of products following our participation in the Target Forward Founders Accelerator program. We want to liberate women from the shame of dealing with unwanted face and body hair caused by PCOS and other hormonal issues,” says Keisha Wagner-Gaymon.

Keisha with support from her sister Kristin Wagner, COO created a collection of skin care products to maintain and manage the appearance and feel of all skin tones, with a special niche for melanated skin; as well as women managing PCOS and those that suffer from hirsutism. Thus, FuzzClinic was created.