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Black Tree Resort Provides a Vacation Solution to The Airline Travel Mess

SOURCE Black Tree Resort

Black Tree Resort opens five more tents to welcome last-minute travelers avoiding airline travel.

“They canceled my flight and lost my luggage.” These words have been uttered by thousands of airline travelers this summer. Plans to leave your troubles behind and head for a stress-free family vacation have been met with long lines and hours of waiting for flights that never materialize. Additionally, travelers bear the financial responsibility for canceled hotel reservations and excursions. The culprit: a staffing shortage. Thankfully, there’s an alternative just over the hill and through the woods.

Fortunately for Black Tree Resort, an all-inclusive, luxury camping property in Colorado, their family business has been able to rebound from the shrinking labor force more quickly than the airlines. With a welcoming staff and a drivable distance from western and midwestern states, Black Tree Resort has seen guests forgo the airline debacle in exchange for a no stress, no hassle, guaranteed vacation.

In response to the growing need for last-minute accommodations, Black Tree’s founder, Nabil Saweeres, said, “After months of delayed expansion due to supply chain issues, we were committed to moving quickly to ensure we could welcome more late season travelers by providing an alternative to airline travel.”