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Galaxy Macau Turns up the Heat With the Launch of Its Fiery New Dining Destination, Spicy Sichuan

SOURCE Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau is adding another must-visit restaurant to its diverse collection of dining destinations this autumn with the launch of Spicy Sichuan. Set to open on September 6, 2023, Spicy Sichuan is the first restaurant at the award-winning integrated resort to serve authentic Sichuan and Chongqing cuisine, and is sure to delight lovers of tingling hot flavors. Spicy Sichuan is also the latest culinary concept at Galaxy Macau to support the Macau SAR Government’s “Tourism + Gastronomy” initiative, and further underlines Macau’s status as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

Helmed by veteran chef Jerry Xing Yu Cheng, a Sichuan native with more than two decades of experience at celebrated restaurants such as Lao Fang Zi and 1881, Spicy Sichuan specializes in the region’s unmistakable spicy, tingling hot, fresh and fragrant cuisine. Selecting only the finest ingredients, Chef Xing, Sous Chef Deng Xin from Chongqing and their team use technical excellence to infuse traditional favorites numb, spicy, fragrant, salty, sweet, sour and bitter with innovation, serving up exquisitely presented, perfectly balanced dishes that are among the city’s finest.

“There are 24 flavors in Sichuan cuisine,” explains Chef Xing. “Variations in balance and combination result in different dishes. The saying ‘one dish, one style; one hundred dishes, one hundred flavors’ aptly sums up the characteristics of Sichuan cuisine. Spicy, tingling hot, fresh and fragrant—every flavor is distinct. To present the cuisine in its authentic glory, we commit to the use of local ingredients and traditional techniques.”

Spicy Sichuan’s menu presents a thrilling culinary journey through the region, from the mildly spiced marinated chili dishes of Chengdu to Chongqing’s fiery classics, complemented by an extensive selection of premium Sichuan teas and spirits.

Must-try dishes include the Paper-Thin Beef Slices with Sichuan Peppercorn Sauce, which marinates wafer-thin slices of top-quality beef tenderloin to create a sweet and spicy taste sensation; Poached Mandarin Fish Fillet in Sichuan Chili Broth, featuring delicate morsels of fish that fully soak up the soup’s irresistible fragrance and spices; and Sichuan Marinated Dishes, a Chengdu specialty featuring pork blood curd, pork tail, abalone and more, all cooked in a marinade of over 20 ingredients.

Among the menu’s other highlights are Steamed Pork Stuffed Glutinous Rice Balls with Spring Onion Oil, a colorful twist on the savory Sichuan minced meat dim sum; Wok-fried Crispy Chicken with Dried Chili in Chongqing Style, a crispy, juicy and spicy classic crafted from deboned bearded chicken stir-fried with chili and other spices; Chongqing Hot and Spicy Noodles, a hearty bowl of springy noodles featuring crunchy bean sprouts and Chef Xing’s homemade chili oil; and Mille-feuille with Peppercorns Flavor, an innovative dish that reinvents the French classic with the bold flavors of Sichuan, and which is available exclusively at Spicy Sichuan.

The restaurant, which is located close to the Crystal Lobby entrance at Galaxy Macau, reflects the character of its lively yet elegant dishes, with decor that uses auspicious red, gold and copper tones, as well as warm and soft lighting, to create a sophisticated and contemporary space that makes guests feel instantly at home. An open kitchen, meanwhile, offers guests a unique insight into the chefs’ cooking techniques, as well as showcasing the lively culinary action. And the restaurant is also equipped with two spacious private dining rooms, stylishly furnished to offer a sense of prestige and exclusivity.