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Design Trends On The Rise and Fall for 2018

Every year trends come and go. Some have a way of becoming a timeless trend that we will have in our homes for many years to come, while others we look back on with remorse—can anyone say 80s pink?

But naturally, décor trends are on the rise and fall every year. Here’s what to expect for 2018.

On the Fall: Edison Bulbs

With the less-than-appealing LED lighting flooding the mass-market in recent years, consumers sought out the warmth of Edison bulbs. While aesthetically pleasing with the late industrial movement, the Edison bulb wasn’t able to compete with the many different technologies of today’s world.

On the Fall: DIY

Pinterest has provided us with more at-home crafts and fixer uppers than we could ask for. But, along with the DIY movement came the natural inability of many Americans to perfect the at-home crafts, leaving homes looking cheap and unappealing. Of course, if mason jars and barn wood is something you hope to have in your home, the Pinterest world has lead to many real artists and craftspeople for hire.

On the Fall: Millennial Pink

The playful hue that made its way into the mainstream color scheme and the hearts and homes of many millennials is now on its way out. And as millennials age the hue will naturally morph into more mature colors.

On the Rise: Ruby Red and Violet

Millennial pink is graduating to colors of ruby red and violet. The deepened colors project passion, idealism, maturity, and confidence and will make a big splash this year in home décor.

On the Rise: Maximalism

Minimalism brought simplicity to décor, but it also took the flare and personalized touches from homes, leaving a cold and empty feel to most spaces. This year, we’re celebrating our possessions to bring back comfort and familiarity.

On the Rise: Black, Rose Gold, and Copper

Say goodbye to polished brass, and hello to black, rose gold, and copper. The warm hue once graced homes with polished metal details, but now we’re no longer limited to brass or chrome. Expect to see many details featuring these new and improved polished finishes.

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