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The Power of Peptides for Fuller-Looking Lips

Photo courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

The beauty world is buzzing about peptides. From firmer skin to fewer lines and now fuller lips, the benefits appear endless and the results are nothing short of extraordinary.

Peptide-packed products that promise to smooth and plump are flooding social feeds. Non-invasive, needle-free alternatives for instantly fuller-looking lips are stealing the spotlight as the new need-to-try skin care trend, and women the world over are reading product labels like never before in search of the lip-plumping miracle ingredient.

To understand the fascination with fuller lips and the role peptides play, we turned to skin care guru Peter Thomas Roth. An influential segment leader in the beauty industry, Roth’s eponymous skin care line is the number one privately-held prestige skin care brand in the USA. Known for creating breakthrough formulas that deliver astonishing results, Roth leads all research and development efforts at his state-of-the-art lab and manufacturing facility.

The latest product innovation to emerge from Roth’s lab is Instant FIRMx® Lip Filler. Here, Roth gives us the scoop on his new peptide-enriched lip-plumping product, why it’s the first of its kind and the science behind the buzzy ingredient that’s on everyone’s lips!

What exactly are peptides?

Peptides are short fragments of proteins. Most of the naturally occurring proteins in skin, and this includes the lips, are collagen proteins, which help provide firmness and structure. But over time, these collagen proteins break down, leading to signs of aging. That’s why a topical treatment with collagen-supporting peptides like my new Instant FIRMx® Lip Filler is so fabulous. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to help their lips appear fuller and smoother by improving the look of lip plumpness and lip lines.

Why are peptide lip treatments so hot right now?

Women have always been obsessed with having fuller lips. While this is nothing new, the way they’re going after a plumper pout is. Women are trading in invasive lip fillers for more subtle alternatives with no downtime like topical lip treatments that offer instant, natural-looking results.

Why is lip care so important in your daily skin care routine?

The delicate skin on your lips gets thinner over time, making volume loss and emerging lip lines more noticeable. It’s like the lines and loss of firmness you see on your face with each passing year. My Instant FIRMx® Lip Filler is a hydrating lip treatment that is clinically proven to help fill out, plump and smooth the look of lips instantly and over time.

What makes Instant FIRMx® Lip Filler unique?

My Instant FIRMx® Lip Filler focuses on both lip volume and lip lines. Not only did I formulate it with 1% Maxi-Lip™, a cutting-edge peptide complex that helps to enhance the look of lip volume with continued use, but I also included 2% LineFill™, an amazing clinically advanced complex derived from sesame seeds that immediately increases the look of fullness, helping to plump and smooth the look of lip lines for a temporary effect. It’s also enriched with hydrating 3% Hyaluronic Acid Filling Spheres and nourishing pomegranate, coconut and squalane oils, so it glides on effortlessly and leaves lips feeling moisturized, soft and supple. My lip treatment will make your lips look gorgeous. You’re going to love it!